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    Where Not Exists

      Hi all,


      Could some please explain what does the sentence "Where not Exists" Does when you are doing incremental loads?

        • Where Not Exists
          Stefan Wühl

          You probably knows the incremental load example in  Rob Wunderlich's cook book (if not: http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/ ), I am refererring to that file.


          It also contains a lot of comments, so it's worth having a look at.


          The approach uses

          a) a Modification Date

          b) a unique Key per row


          the script finds the max modification date from the historical data in the qvd.


          Then it starts building the data table with loading newer data from the data source.

          It then concatenates the existing historical data from the qvd, but only if the unique Key not already exists

          (this is the place with "where not exists"). Thus we can not only add data to the historical data, but also modify existing rows (because only the row with newer ModDate is kept, the historical data with same unique key will not be read).


          Hope this helps,


          • Where Not Exists

            Thanks a lot for your explaination, Its clear now!!