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    HAndling japanese data in qlikview

      Dear All,


      I am new to qlik view.

      Thus the issue might be resolved or answered in previous discussions, but I couldn't find the particular thread.

      My issue is that I am making a dashboard in which I have to handle japanese data.

      There are two places where I can get this data ,

      >> Mysql server

      >> Excel csv.

      I tried to import data from both these databases using charsets , eg: UTF-8,UTF, Shift Jis etc but the data was in absurd format.

      While I had made a module to import data from csv to mysql and i get the correct data.

      Kindly refer to the attached file for the screen shots of data in excel and imported data in mysql,

      But then after importing data in qlik view I could not get data in correct format.

      If theres someone who can help me out, please guide me through the process.

      Thanks in advance .


      Nitin Gupta