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    concatenate using variable path

    Gerhard Laubscher



      Our system generated reports every day, and then sends ot to a folder called "Einstein Reports".


      If I open this folder there will be folders for every year, in such a folder will be folders for every month and in such a folder will be folders for every day.


      So the last day of June will be        L:\Einstein Folders\2011\062011\30062011

      And the next day will be                 L:\Einstein Folders\2011\072011\01072011


      I have one file where I use the following to determine the latest folder to work from and then choose the extract need:


      Let LMonth = Date(Today(),'MMYYYY');

      Let LDay = Date(Today()-1,'DDMMYYYY');


      Load [1],[2]



      [L:\Einstein Reports\2011\$(LMonth)\$(LDay)\Daily_TransactionExtract_*.txt]


      This will then replace the file every day.


      How can I concatenate these transaction extracts, starting from a specific date? So from the 15th of August (

      L:\Einstein Folders\2011\082011\15082011) I want to Load the Daily_Transaction Extract and then every day after that I want it to concatenate up until the latest file as determined by the variable path.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks - G