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    Qlikview Port Numbers

      Does anyone know if there is documentation explaining what each port number does/talks to? We are trying to set up version 10 in an Extranet and my network guys are asking details about each port number in order to open the firewall. I am not a network engineer so I am looking for some direction. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

        • Qlikview Port Numbers
          Isaiah Weed

          Check the "QlikView Server Reference Manual."  By default you can find this on the server in c:\Program Files\QlikView\Documentation.  Search for Client Communication to QlikView Server.

          Typically you would need to open port 80 and/or 443 (HTTP/HTTPS) for AccessPoint and AJAX clients.  These could also be used for tunneling.  For connections using the fat client or IE Plug-in you'll need to open port 4747 (proprietary QVP protocol.)   -Isaiah

            • Qlikview Port Numbers

              Thank you for the information. I am waiting for them to open it up to test. I found a discussion thread that listed the following ports that should be opened. Does anyone know where to find the descriptions for these? I don't see them in the document listed above.