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    Apply a pre-made search string via action or macro

    Peter Turner

      Hello Everyone,

      I have a 'report.ini' file, with report names and filters to search my data by.
      Orange Report =Fruit like 'Orange*'

      I need to make a button (Action or Macro) that will apply the pre-made search string to my data, I've attached an example to show what I mean.

      The idea being that I can make a large list of pre-made reports and search filters, and just add them to the report.ini file as needed.
      This is similar to bookmarks, except my search string might not return any results.
      If I tried to use a bookmark in this situation, it wouldn't store the raw search string I was using (as it wasn't able to make any selections).

      I think i'll almost there, but not quite sure on the final stage.