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    Help calculation between months

    Alain NICALEK



      I try to create a chart showing the evolution of a stock each month of a year.

      Here is my table

      Month   FTP

      Jan     100

      Feb     150

      Mar     130

      Apr.    160



      I managed to use Set Analysis when a user selects a specific month, I can calculate the previous month value and then, the difference with selected month.


      If the user selects March it shows -20 (130-150)


      But this works only for one month. If I want to display the values for twelve monthes (having Month as a dimension) it does not work. There seems to be some trouble between the set analysis using Month and the dimension of the chart.


      I found a way with crosstable and before, having Month as Dimension.

      Sum (FTP) - before(Sum (FTP))

      This gives me the crosstable :

      Jan    Feb    Mar     Apr

      -      50     -20     30


      But this only works with a table. Not a chart.



      How could I create a chart showing a bar for each month, and the bar being the difference between this month and previous month.


      Thank you for your help, because I am really stuck.