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    Large tables question

      Hello all

      I have a 20M records table with dates that need to serve as base line (lets say promotions)

      In addition I have 200M records tables (two of them and three of 30M records) that store different aspects of a customer behaviour (FACT tables).

      I need to show the FACT data for 28 days from the base line date. each customer have a different base line date..

      So if I create a table with the original base line dates as T0, and multiple it  by 28 (T+i for each of the promotions) I get a 600M records table.

      When Im trying to create a chart using the Ts as dimention and the fields from the FACTs as expression it takes long time to refresh.

      the problem with the FACT tables is that I have dimentional fields there also, so I cant join the, to the big table.. it will multiple the records by the number of dimentions I have..

      Im using a very powerful server (256GB RAM and 40 CPU)  and still...

      Any solution?