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    Problem with the table box?

      Hello Everyone,


      I am creating a seperate sheets for data where user can get the data based on the selections and send those to excel values. i have used the same data fields (from the same table) and used it to create different sheets for users.


      but when my user is selecting something on sheet1 and see the data in the table box, its actually not filtering up. Its taking into consideration all the changes in the data that happened in the other sheets as well and filtering up. Is there a way where we can define a table box to just show the data which is selected from sheet 1 and so on?



        • Problem with the table box?

          One probable solution could be,

          When the user moves from other sheets to Sheet 1, you can set a trigger and say that when user leaves those sheets, then clear the selection(only if he dosen't need) those selections for the current table box.

          But there will be a problem to this approach, that all the selections will be cleared and he/she will have to reselect.

          If one can compromise then you can use triggers.


          Right click on the sheet-> Properties->Triggers-> Add actions(On leave sheet)-> Add-> Selection-> Clear other Fields


          Hope this helps,