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    Bulk Colour Change

      I have a Qv document showing a large number of charts/tables etc.


      The charts are set to use our Company colours (dark blue) .. however we are implementing a change to light blue.


      Instead of having to amend each chart with the new colour scheme, is there a bulk change option (so it replaces all dark blues with light blues) in either the sheet or whole document?


      Any ideas?




        • Bulk Colour Change
          Kaushik Solanki



              Are you talking about the colors used for data, or the color used for background and the caption of the charts.


              If its related to Charts Caption, border etc( except the color used for data), then you can create a theme for the color you want and then apply them to the document.

              But make sure that theme is used to just change the color.


              For more on theme's. look at the help and reference manual.



          Kaushik Solanki