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    Set value of expression to a variable, not the expression itself?

      I am trying to use an action of a button (due to not knowing or really understanding VB, and the fact that macros do not work in webview)  to set getfeildselections() to a variable. I want the VALUE of the current selection saved, and not the formula for getfieldselections()


      I have the button click action as set variable intercompany to getcurrentselection(custid)


      When I click the button then check the variable screen, the variable intercompany says:getcurrentselection(custid)


      Since the variable is set to the expression getcurrentselection(custid) and not the value of getcurrentselection(custid) it is changing the variable based on the selection instead of leaving it set to the selection on button click.


      How can I get this to set the value of the expression, and not the expression itself?