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    dynamically divide a set value by number of rows displayed by an expanded dimension

    Jennifer Hagen



      I am trying to figure out how to write a calculation to evenly estimate a value for a territory budget based off of a total shared district budget. See attached example.


      For example:


      I have 3 districts, each with a set $500 budget. Hypothetically, I want to split the total budget up evenly amongst the available number of territories but that will fluctuate in number with time. Therefore, for District A, only 2 territories have a purchase so the total budget of $500 needs to be divided by 2 to display $250 each, whereas District B has 3 ($166.67 each) and District C has 4 ($125 each). When the territory dimension is collapsed, the district total for all should add up to $500.


      How would this be done??