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    QlikView Personal Edition Key

      I've had the QlikView Personal Edition (Version 9.0) on the same computer without opening any other user's files for about 3 years now and suddenly I'm getting the following message:


      The Personal Edition Key file has been removed or replaced. This could render some QlikView documents unusable.

      This QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition user. Since you are using a QlikView Personal Edition, you may only open files that you created yourself. You may recover the file if you created it on a different computer, but doing so will use up one of your 1 remaining recovery attempts. However, if you recover the file, you will no longer be able to open files created with your current key.

      Do you want to recover the file?


      This doesn't make any sense, I've only ever opened files that I've created and the file that is causing this problem was one that I've been working on frequently for the past several weeks without an issue. I had the issue this morning but I had 2 recoveries left so I figured it was a fluke and it would resolve itself if I just recovered that one time, as a similar issue had come up several months ago and worked itself out in a similar fashion. But now I only have 1 recovery left and have no reason to think I won't have the same issue in the morning when I open it again.


      Can someone please help? Really don't want to lose access to a file I've been working on for 3 years.

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          And now it tells me that my keylength has reached its maximum and I can't open any of my files, even though I didn't even agree to use another recovery on it...


          So I went from 2 recovery attempts remaining (and frankly I have no idea where the 1st 2 went, I should have 4 remaining) to 0 in less than 24 hours.

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              The problem seems to have stemmed from a wireless network adapter I recently purchased. When I don't have the adapter in, it thinks I'm using a different Key for some reason. So now it works as long as I'm using the adapter, which doesn't make that much sense but I'll take it. Of course I wish I could get those recovery attempts back in case I really need them...

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  Yep, that's probably the reason why.


                  To personalize the license key to your computer, I believe QV takes some unique HW IDs into account, one of them almost for sure the network MAC ID (changing the network was also reported several times to influence the personal license, sometimes it seems even when using a virtual adapter).


                  To bad that you lost your remaining recovery attempts, that makes development a lot more "thrilling".