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    Set Analysis - Get records that share an implicitly selected dimension

      Not quite sure how to explain this, but here goes:

      I am building a QV app that contains, amongst other things, customer data (name and industry) and revenue data. When a single customer is selected, a tab showing customer data is made visible. On this tab I want to present a list of customers that are in the same industry and their revenue. The industry is not explicitly selected, but a customer only has one industry, so when a single customer is selected an industry is also implicitly selected.

      I have created a table containing customer name and an expression that looks like this:

      Sum ({1<Industry = {$(Industry)}>} TotalRevenue)

      This doesn't seem to work, but when I try something like

      Sum ({1<Industry = {'Sporting Goods Store'}>} TotalRevenue)

      it does work. I've tried every permutation that I could think of but am stuck. How can I get the value of the current (implicitly selected) industry and use it in the expression? Any help would be greatly appreciated.