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    Currency Conversion

    Gopinathan L


      I have the table with budget amount in companywise and monthwise.


      but the amount is in different currency in different month for same company.

      that is for jan month they gave in USD, in Feb they give in EUR, Mar they give in EUR.

      but i need to show the output in SGD.


      if user selects jan, then i need to show the value as sum of USD amt multiplied by currency rate of Jan.


      the tricky part is,

      suppose user select Q1,i.e,Jan,Feb,Mar then i need to sum(USD Amt) and Sum(EUR Amt) multiplied by threir respective currency rate for the month Mar rate.


      so the output is like USD amt multiplied by the mar month rate and EUR amt multiplied by the Mar month rate.


      If it is same currency i can multiply based on their currency.


      but i dont know how to do for this type of different currency.