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    calculation in a straight table chart???

    sushil kumar

      Hi All,



      My problem is...


      I have Operation and Test as dimention and production table as fact..


      for a particular Operation there are certain Test's



      in the first table unit processed are shown correctly according to operation. and in the second table unit processed are shown for each test type...

      I want the unit processed in second table in such a way that unit processed for each test should come as per the operation...


      for example...

      in the above table-1 for operation ACTEST the unit processed are 2286. and suppose first 3 test_type in the second table are associated with ACTEST operation.... now in the second table instead of 471,127,482 Unit Processed there should be 2286 Unit Processed in all fields associated to ACTEST and Associated test_type to ACTEST.



      I am totally confused to solve this problem..

      Please help me out