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    Compare two different datamodels

      Hello Qlikview community,


      i would like to generate a diagram table which combines two different Datamodels.  Unfortunately I have no idea how I can best implement. Both systems include an SAP order number. To create a link between these two systems I have determined theorder number” as a primary key. So far so good !

      Foreach ordernumber for both systems is one more base identification (IMOBE ID) and an assigned month.


      For better clarity, I have copied out two snapshots, showing the order number of selection in both tablediagrams.


      Challenge/ Objective:

      For a business requirement from a controlling department wants to compare the two sets of data and display it in a third dynamically generated table like this.


      See the pics and the qvw attached here for better understanding what i want to do.  I am grateful for any help and ideas.


      best regards,

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          Goran Korsgren

          I think you just can concatenate. Something like this:



          Load HEL_CAMPAIGN_Flight Ext. ID_recordedEntry As [SAP Order No.],

               [HEL_WEBSITES_Webseiten Referenznr.] As IMOBE,

               [HEL_DATA_Datum > MONTH] As month,

               sum([HEL_DATA_Imps mit Defaults]) As [Adserver system 2]

          Resident HELIOS

          Group By

          HEL_CAMPAIGN_Flight Ext. ID_recordedEntry,

               [HEL_WEBSITES_Webseiten Referenznr.],

               [HEL_DATA_Datum > MONTH];



          Load SAP_TEAMREPORT_Auftragsnummerpos As [SAP Order No.],

               SAP_TEAMREPORT_Basisbelegungseinheit As IMOBE,

               Month([SAP_TEAMREPORT_E.-Dat. Von]) As month,

               SAP_TEAMREPORT_Basismenge As [SAP system 1]

          Resident SAP;