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    Hidden list box toggle



      I have a list box that will be locked and hidden.  I also have a button that I want to use to toggle the visibility of the list box.  I created a variable called "isVis" which is set to 1. 

      I have the action on the button running a macro that has:

      sub changeVis
           if isVis = 1 Then
                isVis = 2
                isVis = 1
           end if
      end sub



      If anyone can tell me what is wrong with this that would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you,


        • Hidden list box toggle
          Stephen Charles

          The code below is similar to what you want and should lead you in the right direction. You can also show or hide a list box using the "Show - Conditional" on the Layout tab.




          Sub ShowHide

          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vReport")

          if(v.GetContent.String)= "Crops" then

          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vShowHide")

                     v.SetContent  "2", True


          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vShowHide")

                     v.SetContent  "1", True

          end if


          end sub