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    Multiple tables with same date field creates many synthetic keys

      I am trying to create a management dashboard.  I have several departmental qlikview documents, but need to  do several things in this one i haven't done before in qlikview.


      I have several tables (10) that need to tie together with the date.  I have been just renaming the date fields (Tran Date, TransDate, PTPDate, etc) to Date.  It worked with the other documents because there weren't so many synthetic keys.  How do I make a master calendar that ties to all my tables?


      The synthetic keys (20+) have locked up my version of Qlikview, so i tried to use a qualify statement, but since I have several of the same table (multiple months, 1 table per month), the field names become weird variations - DTJ.TranDate, DTJ1.TranDate, DTJTranDate2, etc.


      I have also been tasked with creating all the gauges, tables, charts on a mtd current and mtd previous comparison. 


      I have it set up where you can see what ever time frame you need by selecting a value on the right but with the qualify statement none of the date fields interact with it!