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    selecting data based on field values

      I am new to qlikview and I am sure this is a simple issue.  I have a excel file that has order data in it.  Some of the records are orders that have been billed and others are items that will be billed.  My current load statement loads all records regardless of the field value "order status".  In a chart, I would like to have one column have just the "billed" items and another column have just the "backlog" items.  What is the most appropriate way to do this.   Should I create two load statements that load the same file and just select the appropriate data( which I assume causes the file to be read twice) or is their some way to make this selection the the expression area of the  chart?  If you do this by having two load statements do you need to convert the labels to be something different so they dont conflict?  Thanks for any help.