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    Print-Macro with additionally values



      i've created a macro for printing data out of an table.

      This works fine and i do this like this:


      set tObjSrc      = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(tObjID)

      call tObjSrc.GetSheet().Activate()



      tObjSrc.Export tDirectory & tFilename, ";"


      QLikView creates a file in the given directory with the give filename.

      The file like this:


      row1;   row2;    row3;

      test;     1;          12.12.2001;

      one;     33;        01.04.2003;

      two;      12;       06.04.1999;


      Now i get all data with the selected abilities, but i want to get an extra row with an value (like 1) that shows, if the member do have this selected abilities.

      After that i invert the selection and i get all members they dont have this abilities. They get also an extra value like 0.


      How can i do this ?

      Can anyone help ?


      Thank you very much!