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    How to make 451,033 show 451 - tutorial help

      Hey Friends

      In The Qlikview Tutorial, on page 70, figure 14, i see that the number at the top of each bar in the chart shows 241, 202,117 etc., whereas the Y axis value is in 1,000 $.

      However, when I followed the instructions on the tutorial, I kept getting the axis right (i.e going from 0 to 250 and 1,000$ as units) yet the numbers at the top of each bar kept showing 240,781 etc.

      I am attaching my tutorial qvw file, and an umage of the figure shown in the tutorial itself.


      I also opened the TutorialFinal.qvw file, oddly it shows the same table I made myself.


      I downloaded Qlikview and the tutorial today, so these are the latest versions.


      Please help :-)