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    merge records in straight table

    Raghavendra Suryakumar

      Hi All,


      We have a scenario wherein we need to show the qualifications/skill sets acquired by an employee during a period.  The table structure is as mentioned below.


      10-May-11AlanMasters certification


      In a straight table chart we need to show Graduation, Masters Certification against the employee Alan.  How to do this.  ..... Regards,


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          Steve Baldwin

          Hi, if you have a known and constant list you could use an expression like this


          =only({<Qualification={'Graduation'}>}   Qualification&',')&

          only({<Qualification={'Masters certification'}>}  Qualification)


          but this would only work if Qualification wasn't a dimension in your table. if you wanted to show the Qualification i would suggest if you sort your table as you are loading it by the Name then you could add a column which concatenated the Qualifications like this:


          if(peek(Name)=Name,peek(Qualification)&',') &Qualification as concatenated_qualification




            • merge records in straight table
              Raghavendra Suryakumar

              Hi Steve, Thanks for your inputs... it almost worked.  I am facing one new issue now, I have show additional qualifications acquired by employees during the latest month.  I am trying with Date function.... but its giving me desired result.  Can you please suggest me how to pick the qualification acquired during the latest quarter/month.  Regards