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    Sclability Issue

      Hi ,


      I have few queries on the scalability.


         As per the scalability white paper instead of having single QVW document if we split the Qlikview Document in to Multiple QVS wii have better user performance and the system resources. so would like to know as per calclulation


      if a qvw file is 100mb in disk it would be ideally 4 times in RAM -----400mb in RAM. And if the user is going to perfom the analysis it will be around 10% to 13% of RAM will be utilized.


      Consider in a project if it is going to 8000 QVW files  and 500 users will be concurrently using it. At a time it will be like 500 * 100 mb will be in disk and it will be 500*400 .size in RAM and the RAM usage will 10 % * 500. It requires a large cpu sec as well. So how it can be effectively less system resources is enough  for the same. Any one can help me in this calculation.