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    Dynamic filtering in a chart

      Hello all,


      i am struggling for two days now to implement a useful feature in one of our client's dashboard, and i can’t get around it (yet). I thought maybe you have an idea on how this can be done.


      Let's say we have a chart with year on X axis and Countries on the Y axis.

      In the expression, we count the number of people in each country per year, and we are analyzing the ups and downs of the population within each country.


      Now, because there are so many countries, i want to filter out some of them, and to see only the countries which had a growing population for a selected period (in years).


      I have created a VBScript that gives me the min (minYear) and max (maxYear) selected years in the Year list box.

      And I sum up the population by doing a count(People) in the chart expression.

      Also i created two buttons (+ and - ) that set up a variable (varPol) that is either Positive or Negative, to choose the filtering (growth or decrease)


      How can i show only the countries which had a growth/decrease in population for the period of minYear - maxYear ?



      the + button would let visible only the blue line, the minus button would show only the red line.