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    Re-using numbers from one object into other objects

      Dear Qlikview experts,


      I have a straight table in which I have made some calculations. For this I have set the total on

      'sum of rows' in the expression tab. I would like to use this number

      in another chart for further calculations but when doing this with a macro

      it doesn't work out as the macro uses the 'expression total' when the total is calculated.



      3.041€ 333.754
      A1€ 215,40179€ 38.557
      A2€ 447,80107€ 47.915
      A4€ 109,1011€ 1.200
      A5€ 92,402.454€ 226.750
      A7€ 173,1019€ 3.289
      A8€ 98,5045€ 4.433
      A11€ 51,30220€ 11.286
      A14€ 54,306€ 326


      I would like to divide € 333.754/179 (of A1) but in another chart. How can I use the values to be incorporated in other charts? Any thoughts are highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!