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    Silent installation of QlikView Server v10

      Greetings Experts!


      Is there any way can I install QlikView server component silently without providing the Administrator credentials in the silent install parameters?


      We've a requirement: Since I package the QlikView server component, want to install the package on many server using the automated tools.


      Please advise if you guys have any insight on this?




        • Re: Silent installation of QlikView Server v10

          Hi Ajay,

                   I am going through this same requirement in my company now.

                   I could see that this is a very old post.


                   But I would like to contribute my approach for silent installation of QVS.

                   The version we will be running is 11 SR1.

                   So this may work for version 10. It may not.


                   I am using the below command.

                   "%systemroot%\System32\msiexec.exe" /i "<FileLocation>\QlikViewServerx64.msi" /qn /norestart /log "<LogFileLocation>\QlikView_Server_Install.log" AddLocal="DirectoryServiceConnector,ManagementService,QVS,WebServer,DistributionService,SupportTools" REGION_LIST="<Your Country>" AgreeToLicense="Yes" USERNAME="<Your User Name>" COMPANYNAME="<Your Company Name>" LOCALSERVICE="True"


                   This installs the QVS under the local system account.

                   We can then modify the services manually to run under a service account.

                   I did not automate this as I do not want the password to be available in plain text.

                   Also it can change at a later date.


                   We should also add the service account to the QlikView Administrators group.

                   This can be performed manually or using a script.


                   Kindly let me know if you have found a way to include login credentials as part of silent installation.