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    Best practice with numbers question


      I have a application that loads EAN's, if I display these in a chart as is I get 9.0124571e+012, to display these correctly I have to use =num(EAN). I was wondering is it best to do this at load time or in the chart. Also is it best to tell QlikView what fields are numbers in the load or let it work it out itself, if it is best to let it know, what it the best way to do that.



        • Best practice with numbers question

          Hi Gavin

          I would generally leave the load script to sort itself out because it's pretty good at doing that, the example you have identified above is one of the few times that I would force the load script to convert this to text, just because I wouldn't want to repeat the Num(EAN) expression every time I want to use it.

          I have not used this before so you might want to check the syntax, but I think in the load script it would be something like:

          LOAD Text(EAN) AS EAN_Ref

          As I say, you might want to check the syntax of that one.....

          Good luck,