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    Date Sort

    Nicolas Généré



      I have a straight table in which i need to sort the date column but it does not work. I have already tried all possible settings in properties/sort. I can only sort the other columns.


      Please find enclosed a screenshot of the table.



      Thanks in advance


      Nicolas GENERE

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          I think you can do this by clicking in properties/classify and make your date column the first inr priority rank.

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            Yes I agree with BERTDOOMEN,

            I faced a similar situation, and all you need to do is make sure you promote your date field to the top of the sort list and then you can do ascending/descending of the numeric value.



            Bikash Debnath

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              Hi Nicolas,


              What do you mean by "it's not possible to realise a sort on the date field."??

              I tried bikashdebnath solution and the date sort is working.


              If you want to have an interactive sort you have to check the box in the sort tab. like this you could sort in both way.


              hope that will help you.





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                bikashdebnath  is right. you cannot make a sort directly on your expression (or calculated dimension) in the sort tab.

                In your case, you can only make a sort on dimensions fields.


                Another way to do, if you don't want to move your field "datefin" in the dimension tab, is to put a sort by "datefin" on your dimension's fields


                Exemple :


                On the sort tab, put the field "Nom" at the top of the list and add an expression sort and use "dateFin".