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    Can you remove dimension values if there is no data, how?



      There is some data that has a few expression calculations.  Dimensions are  being used to show the data for the axis.  How do I stop dimensions from showing on axis if there is no data.  Seems it would be simple, but I am missing it at the current time.


      Look at the attached combo chart, in this chart, since there is no expression data for:


      Train 11mrt22_29 and Spritn W30_33

      Train 11mrt30_37 and Spritn W26_29


      how do I make the W30_33 option NOT show in Train 11mrt22_29     and

      how do I make the W26_29 option NOT show in Train 11mrt30_37



      In essence, it would great if the chart only had two columns on the horizontal axis and the sets where there is no data would not show.


      Note, drill ins occurr into this data as you can see.  The simple .qvw file is attached.