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    New "day" in day names

      I'm trying to create a new day name, but I'can't xD!!!
      the example is this: I create a new day name "today", so in chart i can graph day names vs money.... and i can compare "today" whit the average of the week...
      But I'need to put the day "today" in the "SET NameDays"... i doed, but the system don't recognize the new day....
      the final idea is to use this function: if( weekday(date)='today',1,2) as 3
      the problem is the function weekday(), because the result is an integer, so.... how can i do to the function give "7" as result and asociate whit the day name "today" ????????????
      who knows how to edit the calendar ?? if you know what i mind....thanks

        • New "day" in day names
          Stefan Wühl

          I don't think you can extend the existing weekday function like that..


          Could you explain what you want to achieve / what's your business problem is?

          It might be easier to help you with your problem then.


          For example, if you want to create a dimension with all weekdays and additional 'today' as comparison but based on a Date (OrderDate or whatever), you could maybe use a calculated dimension like