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    Is this posible...?

    Paul Kelly



      Our users access QlikView reports using the Internet Explorer plugin.


      We have a QlikView report with some basic sales data by customer say showing the last 12 months.


      The Task which I have been given...


      From within the QlikView report (which the user is opening via Internet Explorer), allow the user to open / point to a MS Excel spreadsheet which will contain a list of customer codes.

      When this spreadsheet has opened, either reload the report or apply a filter based on these accounts.




      1)  Does this sound feasible using Internet Explorer or are we expecting too much?

      2)  If it is, can someone please give me a few pointers to get me started?

        • Is this posible...?
          Daniel Rozental

          Sounds feasible through a macro, first find the vbscript to start a "open file dialog", then do a vbscript open excel file, read cells from the file and apply the filter with the field, select methods.

          • Is this posible...?
            Brent Nichol

            This sounds complicated. 


            Alternatively, I'd suggest giving the users the ability to paste a list of customer codes and have that list act as the filter.


            Here's a community topic that discusses how that can be accomplished... http://community.qlik.com/message/72460#72460



            Good luck,


              • Is this posible...?
                Paul Kelly

                Thanks B


                I have used the Macro solution and I am almost there.


                The issue that I have is that accessing the report via QlikView application and Internet Explorer work differently.


                Let me explain...


                When I paste the list into the input box in the QlikView application it pastes like this...

                A B C

                I therefore replace chr(32) in the macro.


                However, in Internet explorer it pastes as...




                I therefore need to replace chr(10) in the macro...


                Unfortunately I will have users accessing from both.


                How do I determine whether I need to replace chr(32) or chr(10)


                chr(32) = Space

                chr(10) = carriage return


                Example of macro I am using is from link "B" provided...


                Sub FilterSpace

                set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vCustomerSpace")
                strVariable = v.GetContent.String

                vOptions = "'" & replace(strVariable, chr(32), "','") & "'"
                Set C=ActiveDocument.Getfield("cus_Code")
                C.Select "=match(cus_Code," & vOptions & ")"

                End Sub