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    search engine in script



      I am new to this community and like to ask a question.


      In our database we have a variable with an description of products. What we miss is a variable with Brandname.

      In QV I can use the search option (loupe) to find the associating brands. But I cannot do this for multiple brands or at least I don't know how.


      Is it possible to make a script in which I 'automatically' appoint a brand in a new variable 'Brand' from an other variable?


      Thanks for your help.


        • search engine in script
          Stefan Wühl

          Welcome, Ronald,


          I am not sure if I fully understand your question. Could you post an example of product descriptions and how you want to generate brands out of that (or am I totally off?)?


          I don't understand how you can search for brands with the search function in the front end if you don't have the information in the tables. Or are brand names part of the description?


          If we understand how you search for brands with the search function, it should/might be possible to generate a new field in the script, too.




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              Dear  Stefan,


              In our database we have the product description in the variable ‘art_artikel_oms


              Here are some examples in our database and how we like to rearrange into brands.


              You notice that e.g. BOSS as well as H.Boss as well as Hugo Boss as well as Hugo must direct to Hugo Boss


              And both C.Klein as well as CK must direct to Calvin Klein,

              But HAJENIUS KLEINE TUITKNAP with ‘KLEIN’ in description is NOT Calvin Klein









              BOSSBL M belt, 85, dk brown


              Hugo Boss


              BOSSOL M t-shirt, L, Green


              Hugo Boss


              Bvlgari Man                    Edtsp 100




              C.Klein CK One                 Edtsp 200


              Calvin Klein


              C.Klein Eternity Men           Ash   100


              Calvin Klein


              Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Spf15 Found BR20




              CK M bw bottom, L, Black


              Calvin Klein


              D&G The One Gentleman          Ash   100




              D.Karan DKNY Women             Edpsp  50


              Donna Karan DKNY


              Davidoff Champion              Deost  70








              Dior Miss Dior Cherie          Edpsp  50




              E.Lauder Pure Color            Lipgl  03


              Estee Lauder


              G.Armani Code Women            Edpsp  50


              Giorgio Armani


              Gucci Guilty                   Edtsp  50




              H.Boss Boss Bottled Night      Ash    50


              Hugo Boss






              '=cigar, no calvin klein


              Hugo Boss Femme by Boss        Edpsp  50




              Hugo Element                   Deost  75




              J WALKER BLACK LABEL 40%


              Johnny Walker


              Kenzo Flower Women             Parsp  50






              '=diamond, no calvin klein


              Lancome Miracle                Edpsp  50




              L'Oréal Resist&Shine Titanium  Nailp 501




              O'Neill Moya pink 39


              O' Neill


              Prada LR Metal Brn PS162   PS50M 4AC 6S1






              '=wine, no Donna Karan


              YSL La Nuit                    Parsp 100


              Yves Saint Laurent



              Can you help me?


              Best regards,




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                  Stefan Wühl



                  I will try:


                  I had a look at your data and noticed that at the beginning of each description ART_ARTIKEL_OMS, there we find the brand identification tag, is this correct?


                  My approach has four steps:


                  1) Build a table with a matching relation between the identification tag and the brand name (I think we can't live without something like that), like


                  BOSS, Hugo Boss


                  to match both BOSSOL and BOSSBL and link to Hugo Boss.


                  2) Sort this table by descending Tag length


                  3) Read in a ART_ARTIKEL_OMS and for each read record, loop though all matching tags and compare the left part of ART_ARTIKEL_OMS with the matching tag, if these match, we have found a brand. break this loop if all tags are compared or we have found a brand and continue with next ART_ARTIKEL_OMS

                  (Here comes the sorting of the tags into play: If you would have two tags like BOSS and BOSSOL, I would like to compare first the more significant (i.e. longer) tag to the ART_ARTIKEL_OMS, if these match, remember we break the loop).


                  4) Now we have to remove all the rows with no match, load the table again with an where clause.


                  Maybe I missed something more simple, but that's how it should work assuming your ART_ARTIKEL_OMS start with a brand identification. If they don't always do, we might could easily change the comparision to a match() function or similar, but we could run into deep trouble if there are matches that don't indicate a brand (like in some of your example rows (with Donna, Klein tags))


                  See attached sample for more details.


                  Hope this helps,