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    Time Range Selection



      i face some datetime issue where records query from SQL server.


      i get the format like this


      4/25/11 1:15 PM


      Year(ExitDatetime) AS ExYear,
      Month(ExitDatetime) AS ExMonth to get Month and Year.




      The issue i facing now is how can i get only Time only instead ?


      and after that i would like to do a time range selection for it. to filter data.

      example :


      01:00 am - 02:00 am

      02:00 am - 03:00 am


      for the date, it's posible to get what day is it?

      example :

      8/24/11 is Wednesday

      8/25/11 is Thursday


      Therefore i able to set the range as well.





      I sincerely here to look for some guide and exapmle for achieveing this.


      Million Thanks.