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    Two Databases (old-new) loaded into 1 Sales QV document

    John Lauridsen

      We have a QV sales database based on our ERP system. Its a great and vry much used tool.

      This spring we updated to a newer release of the ERP system. New and empty database. The database has the same structure as the old one.


      To start with I just copied the old QV sales document, renamed it, changed the ODBC and its working.


      BUT of course the sales people would like to have one QV with historical data as well as new data. My question is then If anybode has a quick and great solution for this?


      One solution could be to merge QVD files from the old database into the new QVD files. The old QV isn't update anymore. So it can be a one time job.



      Please let me have your ideas.