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    Quarter selection: Problem with PreQuarter while turn of the year

      Hi all,


      I've an application with the listboxes Jahr (year) and QuartalQX (quarter). I need to display in a table-diagramm the sum of the selected quarter and the sum of the corresponding prequarter. Just one selection for each listbox ist possible --> one selection only.


      Unfortunately I don't get rid of it ...


      Hope someone has the solution ready.


      Best Regards,



      Script definitions:

      year(NumericFiscalPeriod) AS Jahr,

      QuarterEnd(NumericFiscalPeriod) AS QuarterEnd,

      QuarterEnd(NumericFiscalPeriod,-1) AS PreQuarterEnd,

      'Q' & Ceil(Month(NumericFiscalPeriod)/3) as QuartalQX,


      Formual in the table-diagramm:

      if ([Display Value] = 'Y', Sum({<[F0911.GLLT Buchart]={'AA'}, Jahr={$(=year(PreQuarterEnd)),QuartalQX={$('Q'&Ceil(Month(PreQuarterEnd)/3)






        • Quarter selection: Problem with PreQuarter while turn of the year

          Sometimes the solutions comes after working a few hours on the problem. Don't now if my solution is the best or a really slight solution but it works.


          Dissolving the selection of QuartalQX, setting the interval of PeriodeDDMMYYY from vDateFrom till vDateTo.


          Has anyone another solution?





          Additional script definition in the calendar:

          date(NumericFiscalPeriod,'DD.MM.YYYY') as PeriodeDDMMYYYY,

          QuarterStart(NumericFiscalPeriod,-1) AS PreQuarterStart,


          Forumla in the table-diagramm:

          if([Display Value] = 'Y', Sum({<[F0911.GLLT Buchart]={'AA'}, Jahr={$(=year(PreQuarterEnd))}, PeriodeDDMMYYYY={'>=$(vDateFrom) <=$(vDateTo)'}, QuartalQX=>}[F0911.GLAA Betrag])/vFaktor,'')



          vDateFrom = PreQuarterStart
          vDateTo = PreQuarterEnd