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    Multiple reports with diferent MailTemplate

    Chia Ho Wen

      Dear All,


      Currently we are using QlikView Server & Publisher QVS9 SR 6 with PDF distributor.  We have schedule a few tasks to send out PDF files via email.  The questions are :


      1. How do we customise the subject, body of the email contents for EACH report (Differernt reports with different Subject and Body)

      2. If we change the MailTemplate.xml , it seems that the template applies to all the reports, is there a place we can specify which MailTemplate.xml to use?

      3. How do we change the name of the PDF file name to show the field from the report file.  Example <Country>-<Date>.pfd where the Country is the filter we use in the QlikView reprt?


      Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,