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    Straight Table with Expression using Set Analysis - Filtering problem

      Consider a straight table chart where you have a few simple dimensions, then a single Expression.  The Expression is the Count of records, but using Set Analysis to count only records meeting a specific criteria.


      For example, if data includes columns:  Date, ID, Status, Type

      And chart dimensions are: ID, Status, Type

      And chart expression is: =count( { $ <[Status] = {'Closed'}> } [Date] )


      So this works fine, but when user filters the data to show only where Status is 'Open' (or something other than 'Closed'), the chart still displays these Closed items.  Because the expression evaluates to a non-zero value, and the Set Modifier essentially replaces the selection for [Status], it makes it appear that the filter on Status is not working.


      So how can I have the chart display the same data, but when filtering on Status = 'Open', only Open records should show, and of course the Count would be 0 (since it's counting only where Status is 'Closed').


      See example attached.