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    13 Month trend Question

      I am trying to create a bar graph showing a 13 month trend, but I can only get 12 months to appear. The problem I am having is getting a month from say 2010 to show up on the chart when 2011 is the main sort. I know Year=, will deselect year but I tried to go one step further and command it to select 2010 to show up.  Still nothing shows up from prior year.  Any advice would be appreciated.  The formula below is what I am using where it sets year to 2010, scenario and acctlvl are irrelevant, and MonthYearCount is an associated table to Month which gives the most recent month a set value say 60 and NatAMT is the dollar Value.



      =if(num(Month)>$(vMonth),-1*(Sum({$<Year={2010},SCENARIO = {FCST005},ACCT_LVL10 = {'Revenues (L1)'},MonthYearCount={$(=Max(MonthYearCount)-12)}>} NAT_AMT))/$(vScale),

      -1*(Sum({$<Year={2010},SCENARIO = {ACTUALS},ACCT_LVL10 = {'Revenues (L1)'},MonthYearCount={$(=Max(MonthYearCount)-12)}>} NAT_AMT))/$(vScale))