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    Can you get max and min values for expression and have dimensions honored, how?

      There is data that has a few expression calculations.  Dimensions are being used to who data for the axis and the axis changes as you drill into the chart. 


      How do I ensure all the data in a dimension level is honored in the layer.  Seems it should be simple, but tried a couple ways and just missing it.


      Look at the attached combo charts.


      Chart 2 has what is needed at the highest level of week view.  However, if I drill into Char2, it gives a correct calculation for the next dimension level but shows a dimension level 3 lower AND does not spread the bar chart accross the categories at all and this is the biggest issue with this.  


      If after you drill in once into Chart2, if you look at Chart1, there is some distribution accross the groups in Chart1, but in Chart 1, unit does not correctly consider both groups below it correctly until I drill into unit further. 


      Any ideas?