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    Data missing on filter

      Sorry for the newbie question but I'm playing around with this.

      See attached. 


      What I have is 4 tables (Reseller, Orders, Forecast and Products)


      As you'd imagine, the resellers will have orders (of products) and a forecast (of products).


      If you open my test file, you'll see the forecast along side the number of orders submitted so far and a percentage of the forecast they've hit.


      Looks great and is correct.


      However, click on Canada to filter to only Canadians.  You'll see reseller #10 disappears.  My guess is because the forecast that reseller 10 is unique compared to the other Canadian.  It shows up when US and Canada are shown because another reseller has a forecast/order for the same product.


      HELP!  I know I'm supposed to do some joining/concantenating here but I'm lost.  I've tried for many hours now but it never results in what I'm looking for.