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    Does not calculate in IF-Statement appropriate

    Daniel Wewerka

      Dear all,


      I've created an IF-Statement in a chart:



      =if([Article Group]='9999',(sum({<[Article Group]={'9999'}>}[Revenues]))+


           (sum(aggr((sum({<[cpa_Main Article Group Description]={'9999'}>}[Revenues])/


           sum({1<[Article Group]={'1111'}>}[Revenues])),[Geography],[Month],[Year])))+


           (sum(aggr((sum({<[cpa_Main Article Group Description]={'9999'}>}[Revenues])/


           sum({1<[Article Group]={'2222'}>}[Revenues])*0.5),[cpa_Geo 4],[Geography],[Month],[Year]))),





      My Dimension is Year and Article Group.


      If I do not select anything it shows me a different Revenue, than selecting the ArticleGroup in the IF-Statement.


      See in this case the gray one: Here it's abount 6Million

      without selection.bmp

      Once I select, it's about 11M - this is correct.




      But how could I calculate the right one, even without selecting anything?


      Thanks for your help.