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    2 dimensions, 2 expressions in a bar chart

      Hello members of QlikCommunity,


      I'm fairly new to QlikView, and I have a minor issue here.


      I want to create a bar chart where I have two dimensions: Year and Month

      Within the year and months, I want to display the actual and the budget income to easily compare these two numbers.


      I do not have a problem creating the bar chart itself, being able to have the value for one month, and then displaying the difference.

      The issue arises when I want to display for two years at the time; then I end up with a grouping of year as the primary dimension, and month as the secondary dimension - so far, so good.

      But, alas, when doing so, I end up with budget and actual being stacked bars per month, instead of two separate bars. Any idea how to solve this?


      Thank you in advance.


      Best Regards,