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    Save of reloaded document taking over an hour

      I have a QlikView document that is scheduled to run in the Enterprise Management Console.  Each day, it loads in four QVD files, reads in the data, and then appends new data to each of the 4 QVD files.  After it appends the new data, the QVW file takes over an hour to save after it writes to the last QVD file. 


      Two questions:


      1.  Is it normal for a QVW document to take so long to save?  We have other QVW files that save rather quickly, but they also contain less data.

      2.  Since we really just need the data in our QVD files, we don't really need the data saved in the QVW file as well.  Is there a way to have the reload task just reload the 4 QVDs, then exit QlikView without saving the data in the QVW file as well?