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    Qlikview QVD and QVW file structure to use in application?

    sushil kumar

      Hi All,



      I have designed a qlikview application in which two Fact tables are used..


      now i want it to deploy it and need to have two months of data available...I need to make QVD files for FACT table and apply an incremental load to them...


      My worries are:


      1. how would i create qvd and apply incremental load such that it contains only two months of data from the date of script execusion.

      2. How would i use the qvd file in my application as soon as they are done or loaded successfully.


      Please help me to what kind of structure for QVD's and QVW's  should I follow..



        • Qlikview QVD and QVW file structure to use in application?

          1. Step 1: reload everything from fact-table more recent then last reload timestamp

          Step 2: store most recent timestamp of loaded records in step 1 in a variable

          Step 3: load qvd-file and and to where-part that only records that not exists in the records loaded in step 1 are read and add that only records more recent then 2 months are read and concatenate this with step 1

          Step 4: Store new qvd-file


          2. You don't have to do anything? Just leave it like this.