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    Set Analysis using variable value

    Denis Bouilleux

      Certainly, the overall analysis will drive me mad ...


      I want to enter variable values from a predefined list calculated with all data (regardless of current selections so).
      There are two values to enter, the second is constrained by the value of the first.
      No problem for the first, but I can not be predefined list to reflect the value of the first ...


      The attached document is used to display what I want to do ('Collectivé' is the first values to enter, 'Budget' is the second to capture one of the budgets associated with the 'Collectivé' entry).


      I manage to get the right list of 'Budget' with an expression in which the value of 'Collectivé' is provided explicitly, but I can not get the right result by using a variable to provide this value ... (see the expression of the Text object).


      If anyone sees what's wrong, I'm interested ...