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    Russian and other languages in the new versions

      Good day all,


      I started using the product QlikView 10.00 SR3 build 10.0.9061.7

      I have downloaded it as recommended by the official website QlikView.

      The installer does not contain a file with the resources of the Russian language.

      I found the file with the resources of the Russian language QvRes32_Russian.dll

      that comes with QlikView 10.00 SR1 10.0.8811.6

      It does not fit into the new version.


      I seriously going to use 

      QlikView Personal Edition


      In the future may be we will bay additional licenses.

      It is even possible partnership.

      But this depends not only of me.

      I know that I'll use QVPE for a long time all the same.

      This completely suits me


      How can I keep my investment in application development?

      How should I choose strategy?


      First choice: find in the web community earlier version of this.

      This way differs with the way offered by the QlikView.


      Second choice: Use the official site of the proposed version, and never use the Russian language.

      Not everyone is fit and I do not like.


      Third choice: Use the official site of the proposed version QVPE.

      Additionally I need to find information when (after how much time) QlikView produces resource files of the Russian language

      for the new recommendedversion and which interface they are available to users QVPE.


      Whether the resource files are created for the Russian language for each new version of the recommended QlikView?


      Resource File of the Russian language concerns only translation of menu, and the locale setting for import / export data?

      Or there are additional effects to make it easier to work with data in the national language

      or writing the code when working with this data?


      I am writing to you as a more competent in the subject people. What do you have any advice for me?

      I would be grateful for a professional answer.