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    Comparable period in previous fiscal year, using variable for period



      I'm having some trouble combining 2 expressions in order to give me data from a select period in our previous fiscal year. The first expression returns data from our previous fiscal year (in 2009-2010 format):


      =Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={"$(=Only((SubField([Fiscal Year],'-',1) - 1) & '-' & (SubField([Fiscal Year],'-',2) - 1) ))"}>} [Equivalent Units] )



      The second expression forces a select period based on a variable called PVar, which is a period 1-12:


      =Sum({$<[Period]={$(PVar)}>} [Equivalent Units])



      Both expressions work seperately. Does someone know how I might combine them to return the data for the select Period of the previous Fiscal Year?