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    QlikView Upgrade from 9.0 to 10.0 SR3

    vikas pathak

      My company is Upgrading from Qlikview 9.0 SR3 to Qlikview 10.0 SR3. I have few questions. I would really appreciate if some one answer this for me.


      1. IE lugin is integrated with the server? Or we have to download it?

      2. Publisher is integrated with the server or we have to install it seperately?

      3. Clients or users do they need to install IE Plugin for the new version?

      4. IE Plugin for 10.0 SR3 is available seperately, apart from being inside Qlikview ?

      5. Any issues with installing latest SAP connector with version 10.0SR3?

      6. Any known issues, things to know or take care of regarding upgradation? 


      I hope to get answers from this awesome Qlikview community. Thansk in advance.