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    Important graph

      Hi there,


      I hope you can help me

      PART 1

      I have a graph with two dimension.

      The first one is WEEK_YEAR and the second one is D_ID.

      First I want to sum EMPLOYEE_HOURS by WEEK_YEAR and D_ID so I get a graph that shows me for each D_ID a line that shows the total employee hours per week.

      PART 2:

      Now in the same graph (that has 5 differente lines because there are five different D_ID`s in this case) I want to add a line that sums CONTRACT_HOURS by WEEK_YEAR but NOT by D_ID. Is this possible?

      Because when I try this I first get part one working but when I also do part 2 I get one line with D_ID on the x-axis... and one line voor the CONTRACT_HOURS...


      I hope you can help me!


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