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    Next record in qlik view

      Hi All,


      Below is the data in the table.


      JON8/8/20112.50.00 PMRRRConnect
      JON8/8/20112.50.00 PMXXXNot Active
      JON8/8/20112.51.00 PMBBBActive
      JON8/8/20112.53.00 PMZZZNot Active
      JON8/8/20112.53.20 PMCCCNot Active
      JON8/8/20112.53.40 PMDDDNot Active
      JON8/8/20112.55.00 PMDDDDisconnect
      JON8/8/20113.10.00 PMRRRConnect
      JON8/8/20113.11.00 PMXXXNot Active
      JON8/8/20113.15:00 PMDDDDisconnect

      Try to find out for how long Jon was in 'Not active' state group by code.Final result would be


      In my script, I have to find out where the event is 'not active'  and capture the corresponding time as start time and then need to go to the next record to find out what the event value is,if the event  is other than 'Not active' then only I have to pick the corresponding time as end time.if the next record has event as 'not active' have to check next records till the value is either active or disconnect.Finally have to substract start time from end time to know how long the person is in 'not active' state.For final calculation need to do a group by on code.



      Can any one know how to go to next record in qlikview? Any idea how to do this in script?